MV Outdoor Oil-Cooled Current Transformers

M.V. Outdoor Oil-Cooled Current Transformers

We manufacture M.V. Outdoor Oil-cooled Current transformers upto 33Kv system voltage. It is available in various specifications to cater to the varied requirements of clients. These are developed using innovative techniques of production and flexible designs to ensure international quality standards, KALPA CT’s are widely known for high efficiency, low maintenance and durability. The current transformer used for Metering, protection & special protection (PS CLASS) purposes. Our range of M.V. Outdoor Current transformer includes following: System voltage: 3.3/6.6/11//22/33 KV Outdoor Current Transformer

Standard Types (IS/IEC/ANSI)

      • Single Phase Oil-Cooled Current Transformer
      • Three Phase Oil-Coold Current Transformer
      • Three Phase Oil-Cooled Combined CT PT

Technical Specification

  • For metering Accuracy class: 0.2s, 0.5s, 0.2, 0.5,1. .
  • For Protection: 5p, 10p... ALF (5, 10, 20...)
  • For Special protection (Class PS): any knee point voltage Imag @ (vk), vk/2, vk/4
  • Insulation class as per IS (A, E&B)


  • Metering & Relaying
  • Wind mills
  • Solar Energy plants
  • Thermal/Hydro Power plants
  • Substations, Power generation plants