We Kalpa Electrikal Pvt Ltd manufacture conventional open enclosure type vacuum pressure impregnated dry Transformers. These Transformers are specifically needed in the distribution network for feeding basements or stilts of high-rise buildings, hotels, Malls, stadium airports, chemical & refinery plants.


Duty Type Outdoor/Indoor, Ground Mounted AN/AF
Voltage Class UPTO 11 kV
No of Phases 1 Phase or 3 Phase
Capacity Up to 5MVA
Frequency 50/60Hz
Vector Group Dyn1 or Dyn5 or Dyn11 or any specification.
Class of Insulation Class B/F/H with Temp Rise of 70/90/115 Deg C or as per customer requirement.
Tap Changer Type Off Circuit or On Load.
Tapping Range OCTC or OLTC As Per Customer Requirements
Winding Material Copper
Applicable Standards IS 11171, IEC 60076
Enclosure Painting Powder coated with RAL 7032 shade or as per customer requirement
Degree of protection IP 23,43 or as per customer requirement.


  • Windings are electrically balanced to minimize axial short circuit forces.
  • Coils are held rigidly in place between insulators clamped to the upper and lower core frames under high compression.
  • Precise casting under vacuum ensuring low partial discharge.
  • Smooth surface finish and robust construction of MV & LV cast Coils.
  • Adequate ducts between coils, discs for maximum air flow and reduced hot spot Temperature.
  • Step-lap designed CRGO laminations for lower losses and excitationcurrent.


  • H.V. Cable box.
  • L.V. Cable box with bus bar or bus duct
  • Off circuit tap links.
  • Undercarriage with four Bi-directional rollers.
  • Earthing terminals.
  • Rating and diagram plate.
  • Lifting lugs for complete Transformer
  • Tapping link operation door
  • Enclosure with louvre panels
  • Canopy
  • Base channel – 2 Nos
  • The separate neutral bushing on LV side
  • Paint: Powder coated With RAL7032 Shade


  • RTD with A/T contact.
  • Marshaling box with control wiring.
  • On Load tap changer with RTCC Panel with AVR
  • Forced Cooling arrangement.
  • Neutral Current Transformer.
  • Space heaters for core & windings


  • Environment-Friendly.
  • Fire Resistance.
  • Non-Hygroscopic.

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